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Take you to understand the laser cleaning machine
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Take you to understand the laser cleaning machine

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Principle of laser cleaning machine:

  When a metal part is placed in a humid environment for a long time, a layer of rust will be generated on the metal surface. The main component of rust is iron oxide, which is a synthetic product of iron element, oxygen and water of the metal part. The existence of rust not only affects the appearance, but also has a great impact on the performance of parts. It is a very important work to remove metal rust in time. The appearance of laser cleaning machine makes this work more convenient.

  Laser derusting belongs to the category of laser cleaning, and its principle can be briefly summarized as follows: the beam emitted by the laser is absorbed by the surface pollution layer, the pollution layer that absorbs a lot of energy forms a rapidly expanding plasma, and then generates a shock wave, which makes the pollution layer explode into fine dust, so as to achieve the purpose of derusting.

  Laser derusting also has certain requirements. In order to avoid damage to the surface under the treated layer, it is necessary to ensure effective removal under the premise of the safety of the base material. It is necessary to adjust the laser parameters so that the energy threshold is strictly between the pollution layer and the base layer. Only when the energy density is higher than the first threshold value but lower than the second threshold value, can the pollutants be removed without harming the substrate material.

  Laser derusting will not damage the surface of the substrate, or even change the physical characteristics of the substrate. Laser derusting uses a laser with a certain peak power and single pulse energy. When the laser contacts the working surface, it can be imagined that small energy balls are used to hit in turn. The rust will absorb energy. Because of the short action time, the energy absorbed by the surface rust vaporizes instantaneously, and the downward heat conduction is not allowed, the surface rust will disappear instantaneously without damaging the workpiece. The processing speed is relatively fast.



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