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Technology Status and Problem Analysis of Laser Tailored Welding
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Technology Status and Problem Analysis of Laser Tailored Welding

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  In today's automobile industry, welding is a key link. The use of appropriate welding methods can further improve the body's anti-collision capability, reduce body weight, vehicle manufacturing costs and fuel consumption, and simplify the assembly process. At present, the welding used in automobiles is generally spot welding, and the most advanced one is "laser welding". Although the cost is high, it is worth the money.

  Laser welding is the use of lasers to melt metals instead of traditional welding processes. Before his appearance, the quality of the welds was not high, and only one part could be stamped out of a single piece of steel in car manufacturing, so the previous cars were heavy and fuel-hungry.

  After the emergence of laser welding, not only the welding quality is high, but also the steel plates of different thickness, different materials and even different surface states can be welded together. After welding, it is stamped into the required parts, so that the real on-demand material selection can be achieved in the design. So modern cars are light and fuel efficient.

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Laser Tailored Blanks - Convenient and Fast

  Now that we talk about laser tailor welding, we have to talk about laser tailor welded blanks. In our cars, many parts such as door inner panels, B-pillars, longitudinal beams, and front wall panels are stamped from laser-tailored blanks, which not only improves the body strength, but also reduces weight and fuel efficiency.

  In the traditional body-in-white manufacturing, several parts need to be stamped first, and then the component assembly needs to be welded, and many parts need to be welded with parts such as reinforcing plates. Compared with this, tailor-welded steel stamping has many significant advantages, especially reducing the number of workpieces, thereby reducing processing links and production costs.

Comparison of traditional production process and laser tailored blank process

  In comparison, Tailored Blanks have many advantages: reducing the weight of the workpiece, thereby reducing the weight of the whole vehicle; reducing the cumulative tolerance, and using Tailored Blanks stamping, the parts can be stamped and formed at one time, and there is no need to weld several parts into one part, The dimensional accuracy of parts is greatly improved; laser welding replaces traditional electric welding, which can save a lot of time and improve the quality of welding; improve the safety performance of body collision, etc.



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