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The Application Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine in Product Packaging
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The Application Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine in Product Packaging

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ENCLOSED Fiber Laser Machine

The application of fiber laser marking machine in product packaging. It uses a laser to engrave the production date, shelf life and production time of the product on the packaging bag. The laser marking machine uses its own high-density, high-energy laser beam to vaporize or chemically change the packaging bag, thereby leaving a permanent mark. The invention is used for marking the production date and has the advantages of high precision and fast marking speed. The mark will not fall off, and no toxic chemicals will be produced.

In our daily life, the production date can be seen everywhere on all kinds of packaging, from machines to eggs, food and so on. These foods or daily necessities permeate all aspects of life. On the one hand, it is convenient for users to trace the product process, and on the other hand, it is convenient for enterprises to control the product. The consumption cycle prevents escape.

The main function of laser marking machine is to print various logos on various products, including trademark, model, production date, serial number, etc. The laser marking machine can print any pattern and text. For example, the text on the keys of a mobile phone, the text on the keys of a computer keyboard, various crafts, souvenirs, etc. The marking speed of the laser marking machine can reach 8000MM/S, which can satisfy large-scale industrial production. Adapt to the production line and improve production efficiency. Laser marking machines can now be equipped with assembly line workbenches to ensure assembly line production.

Many manufacturers believe that laser marking machines are more expensive than inkjet printers, and the cost to enterprises is much higher. In fact, the price of laser marking machines is in a stable now, not much higher from that of inkjet printers. And the laser marking machine has low maintenance costs, no consumables, and a service life of up to 100,000 hours. However inkjet printers have fatal flaws. They need to use ink consumables, and the production date for printing or coding can be changed arbitrarily. Starting from the fundamental interests of the company's long-term development, laser marking machines are more conducive to the company's future development than inkjet printers.



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