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The Application of Laser Marking Machine in Leather Industry
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The Application of Laser Marking Machine in Leather Industry

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With people’s pursuit of fashion, leather products continue to be diversified, functional, green, fashionable, and high-end. In order to make leather products less monotonous, manufacturers will engrave some patterns or words on them to increase the customer's desire to buy. At present, more and more leather manufacturers are using laser marking machines to mark words patterns on their products.

How to mark leather?

Leather laser marking machines usually use CO2 lasers for marking. The laser generator generates a high-energy continuous laser beam. The focused laser acts on the printing material to instantly melt or even vaporize the surface material. The laser is controlled to the material. The path of the surface to form the required graphic marks. Compared with traditional processing methods, leather laser marking machine has many characteristics such as high accuracy, fast speed, strong customization, cost saving, safety and environmental protection.

With the rapid development of the leather industry, there is more and more demand for leather laser marking machines in the market. Therefore, there are more and more manufacturers of laser marking machines. In this way, customers will compare the manufacturers when buying, mainly to compare prices, quality, etc. The market demand has grown, but the number of suppliers has also increased, leading to increasingly fierce market competition for laser marking machines.

How to choose the right laser marking machine manufacturer? 

The choice of the laser marking machine manufacturer is that the machine is just suitable for your product, and then it depends on its marking speed, whether the effect of the printed trademark is exquisite, and the marking The length of the service life of the standard equipment, and then whether the after-sales service is considerate.

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