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The Application of Laser Marking Machine in Life
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The Application of Laser Marking Machine in Life

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Fiber Laser Marking for Wood  The Development Trend of Laser Marking Machine

In the global market, laser marking machines have penetrated into various industries. With the continuous development of science and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the materials around them also increase. Consumers no longer focus on commodities. Whether it is generous and economical and difficult to use for a long time. More need to be beautiful and high-end. Application of laser marking technology to make the product icing on the cake: the text on the product is more refined, clear and wear-resistant. Because of its special effect, it is widely used in mobile phone cases, TVs, cars, clothes and pants, shoes, hats, gold and silver Jewelry, shoes, glasses, computer keyboard, brand logo, various refrigerator washing machines, etc.

Application and Advantages of Laser Marking Machine

 The laser marking machine is suitable for all kinds of non-metallic and metal materials, for most non-metallic materials such as wood, cloth, plastic, paper, glass, etc., and has significant advantages in marking spray-painted metal packaging materials. In addition, the laser marking machine will not cause wear and squeeze to the product, the marking effect is more refined and beautiful, and the touch is more comfortable. Not only that, laser marking is also applied to various electronic products. When consumers buy mobile phones, they pay more attention to the impact on the appearance of mobile phones. From logos to carvings to mobile phone cases, every piece of technology cannot be separated from laser marking; the same is true for watches. With heavy textures, only laser marking can make this superb effect.

Features of Laser Marking Machine

The laser marking machine has the characteristics of maintenance-free, high flexibility, and high reliability. It is especially suitable for fields with high requirements for fineness, depth and smoothness. It is not only wood, leather or metal, but also complex and smooth in stone, plastic, etc. Laser marking can also be used on the same plane. The laser marking machine has its outstanding advantages and stands out in various industries around the world. It covers a wide range from mobile phones, clothing, glasses, electronics, automobiles, wood, furniture, luggage, as long as you look at it, there is a shadow of laser marking machines everywhere! 



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