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The Application of Laser Marking Machine in the Hardware Industry
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The Application of Laser Marking Machine in the Hardware Industry

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The Development Trend of Laser Marking Machine in the Hardware Industry

With the development trend of the period and the requirements of industry applications, the past silk screen printing process is gradually being replaced by laser marking machine. As a contemporary processing method, laser marking machine is compared with traditional ink silk screen printing ink processing methods. It has the advantages of environmental protection and no consumables. The traditional method is to use ink bar code and ink printing to print out on the surface.

The actual effect of printing is not very ideal, and the ink composition of the screen printing ink is the characteristic of the chemical molecules of heavy metals exceeding the standard. At present, more and more stores choose green and environmentally friendly new technologies and new processes, and with the development of high-tech technology and customer requirements, laser marking machines are more and more commonly used in various fields. Laser marking machine, can mark various texts, serial numbers, product numbers, bar-codes, QR codes, manufacturing dates, etc. on hardware products, and the time, date or serial number, product number can be automatically jumped number.

The Advantages of Laser Marking Machine

The text and graphics of laser marking are not only clear and detailed, but also cannot be erased or altered. This is very useful for tracking product quality and methods, and it can reasonably avoid the sale of expired products, anti-counterfeiting marks and blocking them. goods. As a new marking machine and equipment, laser marking machines are slowly showing more and more outstanding characteristics. As today’s high-tech technology, laser marking machines are operated by electronic computers, which can accurately manipulate the processing precision of processed objects. Some complicated processing patterns and pattern designs can be written using software first to ensure the detail of the pattern design, reduce the error rate of the processed objects due to human error in the whole processing process, and reduce the company's redundant consumption.

The current fiber-optic laser marking machine has a long service life and low maintenance costs. It does not require consumables and has a wide application coverage. It can process and manufacture most metal materials and non-metal materials. With the continuous improvement of laser technology in the future, laser technology will eventually replace the original processing methods in more and more industries, especially in the field of hardware products. The main performance is very prominent.



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