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The Difference Between Flying Laser Marking Machine and Ordinary Marking Machine
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The Difference Between Flying Laser Marking Machine and Ordinary Marking Machine

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flying laser marking machineWith the continuous development of science and technology, we continue to study automation and assembly line production. Because ordinary static laser marking machines can no longer meet the production requirements, non-standard automatic flying laser marking machines have emerged in the world and become the electronics industry, packaging Commonly used equipment in industry, beverage industry, hardware industry and other industries.

On-line and static marking, the main difference in product structure between the two is the difference in the core device laser, galvanometer, and control software.

The static laser marking machine is a semi-automatic marking mode, manual feeding and unloading, the workpiece is placed on the work platform, and the marking is completed manually. During the marking process of the online flying laser marking machine, the products flow continuously on the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency and makes the laser marking machine adapt to the requirements of industrial production.

Ordinary laser marking machines can only perform coding and marking on stationary objects. Therefore, it not only wastes the energy produced, but also has serious repetitive work on the production personnel. The current flying laser marking machine not only brings the prospect of industrial efficiency, but also has the functional nature of saving people, time and energy.

Common laser marking machines can only perform dynamic marking on products that are stationary in a special category. Some standard products, smaller objects, and large quantities of marking. This kind of independent equipment operation method has low production efficiency and human resource management. The need is large, so the way to deal with this problem is to be able to on the original production line or tailor-made laser automation machinery with suitable product appearance characteristics, that is, flying laser marking machine, which not only solves the problem of slow speed and low production efficiency The problem can also save a lot of labor costs.



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