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The Difference for UV Laser Marking Machine
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The Difference for UV Laser Marking Machine

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uv laserThe basic principle of laser marking is the same. It uses laser light to make permanent marks on the surface of various different chemical substances.The marking effect is based on the volatilization of surface chemical substances to expose deep-level chemical substances, or according to the organic chemistry and physical state changes of surface chemical substances caused by solar energy to "carve" imprints, or according to solar energy burning a part of chemical substances, highlighting the the pattern design, text, and the content of the product to be marked that need ion implantation.

The light source of the laser source generator is different.

The ultraviolet laser marking machine uses a 355nm ultraviolet laser generator, which belongs to the ultraviolet light source and is also called a dark blue laser. Generally, the memory overclocking technology is used to convert the infrared light (1064nm) from the fiber laser into 355nm ( three memory overclocking), 266nm (four memory overclocking) ultraviolet light. The photon energy is very large, which can basically match the electronic energy levels of some ionic bonds (ionic bonds, chemical bonds, metal bonds) of all the chemical substances in nature. The ionic bonds are immediately cut off, causing the raw materials to produce photochemical changes without significant thermoelectric effects, so it is called cold light.

Ultraviolet light is cost-effective (transverse mode output), and the focus point is smaller (the diameter is less than 3um, and the emission angle is 1/4 of the fiber line pump laser), which can reduce the deformation of the mechanical equipment of the raw material to a very large level. Production and processing heat has little hazard, is not easy to cause thermoelectric effect, and is not easy to cause burning of raw materials.

The fiber laser marking machine uses a 1064nm fiber laser source, which refers to a laser made by using a laminated glass fiber line doped with rare elements (such as ytterbium) as a gain value material, which has a relatively rich bright electronic energy class. The wavelength of single-pulse fiber light is 1064nm (same as YAG, the difference is that the chemical substance in YAG's work is neodymium) (the typical light wavelength of QCW and continuous fiber line lasers is 1060-1080nm, although QCW is also pulsed light, However, the principle of single pulse is completely different, and the wavelength of light is also different.) It is a near-infrared spectrometer laser with high photoelectric conversion efficiency. The air-cooled method is used to cool the output light. It is cost-effective and has high stability. It belongs to heat treatment.

The carbon dioxide laser marking machine uses an infrared 10.64μm gas laser generator to charge CO2 vapor into a high-pressure gas discharge tube to cause arc discharge, which releases the gas molecular structure from the laser, and increases the kinetic energy of the laser. The processed laser, the laser vaporizes the surface of the processed body to achieve the purpose of hand-engraving.

The main purpose is different.

Fiber laser marking machine is a more widely used laser marking machine at this stage. It can achieve permanent marking of most metal materials or non-metallic materials, and can create deep layers on hard materials, such as rolling bearing laser marking, engine Number laser marking, metal sign laser marking, etc.

The UV laser marking machine can complete ultra-fine laser marking and manual engraving. It is the selected product for customers who have higher requirements for the actual effect of laser marking. For plastic materials, such as: flexible PCB board, LCD, TFT laser marking, suitable for laminated glass, fiber material and other surface laser marking, silicon wafer micro-hole plate, buried hole production and processing, ultraviolet light wavelength is only 355 , hard materials can hardly be hit in the deep layer.

Although UV lasers can mark both metallic and non-metallic materials, due to cost factors, fiber laser generators are generally used to mark metal composite materials. However, the surface quality of UV laser marking is high, and the CO2 laser marking machine is difficult to achieve. Of the products, and how much it matches with CO2. Among them, 80% of mobile phone charging cables and power adapter laser marking on the market are all from ultraviolet laser marking.

At this stage, the most commonly used laser marking machine models on the market are divided into fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, and CO2 laser marking machine according to the light source. These three types of numbers can basically be applied to various products.

HANTENCNC provides customers with complete system software solutions for laser marking, laser welding, and laser anti-crossing products. It can supply you with a full range of laser marking machines. In addition, it can also tailor-made exclusive models according to customer needs. Providing complete free samples, product model selection, technical specific guidance, installation learning training and other project life cycle, full-step service projects, whether it is high-end users with high requirements for production and processing quality, or large, medium and small customers with general requirements , can find the right laser marking machine for you.

Warm reminder: Before purchasing a laser marking machine, you must first determine the materials, raw materials, types and types of products that must be laser marked, and whether they must reach the production process of the production line. According to these aspects, we can distinguish the type of laser engraving machine that the company needs, so that analysis and selection can reduce the excess cost and improve the high efficiency in the production and manufacturing work.



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