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The Introduce of Handheld Detachable Laser Marking Machine
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The Introduce of Handheld Detachable Laser Marking Machine

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Laser Marking MachineThe application of laser marking machines in the Chinese market has just begun, but the development trend is rapid. The laser marking machine greatly improves the problems existing in the traditional coding machine, improves the reliability and flexibility of the equipment, and is suitable for various metal and non-metal materials. The rapid development of laser marking machines has also led to the emergence of a variety of styles of laser marking machines.

The one I introduced today is the HANTEN CNC handheld detachable laser marking machine. 

From the appearance, it can be seen that it is mainly composed of two parts: one is the main cabinet, the control board, the power laser, etc. are installed in it. The second is the detachable handheld head, which can be removed from the main cabinet and hand-held to mark the place you want to mark. Its advantage is that it can mark objects with heavier weight and large volume that cannot be moved. Unlike other styles of machines, the object can only be marked on the workbench. The marking range and the object are limited. The disadvantage of this machine is that the handheld head is still heavier. If you operate the marking for a long time, the hand may be tired. But in general, this machine is very convenient for marking. In addition, we have another handheld laser marking machine, which is much lighter and more convenient for marking, so you can follow your own preferences. Make a selection.

The above is a brief introduction to the HANTEN CNC handheld detachable laser marking machine. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us. At the same time, we have a variety of laser marking machines, welding machines, cleaning machines, etc. Equipment, welcome to consult.



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