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The Price of Handheld Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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The Price of Handheld Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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The handheld fiber laser marking machine is a mini fiber laser marking machine, which is characterized by an integrated structure. Small and compact, small footprint, easy to move and install and so on. It can adapt to the needs of frequently changing processing positions, can work even in a small space, and has strong practicability. So may be you are interested in this machine and you want to know that how much is the price of this fiber laser marking machine? 

In fact,the price of laser marking machines consists of many important factors.

The quality and stability of the different lasers of the handheld laser marking machine are different, and the prices are of course different. The power of the mini fiber laser marking machine is 10W, 20W, 30W. The greater the power, the faster the marking speed.This is like our electric light, the brightness of a 60W bulb is obviously not better than 100W. If the marking speed is high, you can choose 30W, but the price of 30W is much higher than that of 20W. And different materials require different types of laser marking machines. Different types of handheld laser marking machines have different prices.

Not only is the price issue, but the practicality of the mini laser marking machine is also an issue that businesses care about. For my material, can your machine engrave it? Carved look. Or your machine can engrave my material, so you can engrave the pattern I designed. How accurate is it? This is a concern for merchants.

The price of a mini fiber laser marking machine is not much different from that of a standard machine. On the other hand, the cost of the laser marking machine is related to the after-sales guarantee of the product. For example, many products are guaranteed after sale.Because manufacturers have invested a lot in this part, the value of this part will also be added to the product, so the price will be higher, but it will be more secure to use.



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