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The Reason Why the Laser Head Does Not Emit Light
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The Reason Why the Laser Head Does Not Emit Light

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laser cutting machine priceThere are generally three reasons why the laser head does not emit light:

1. Press the test key on the operation panel to observe the status of the ammeter: (ultra-high-speed machines, low-speed machines are equipped with ammeters, other models are not equipped, can be installed by themselves)

① No current: check the laser power supply to see if the power is on, the high-voltage line is loose or off, and the signal line is loose or disconnected;

② There is electric current: check whether the lens is broken and the light path is seriously deviated;

③ There is a problem with the laser tube or laser power supply;

④ Whether there is a problem with the main board or wiring board;

2. Check whether the water circulation system is normal:

① No water flow: check whether the water pump is damaged or not powered on;

② Water supply: check whether the water inlet and outlet are connected reversely or the water pipe is broken;

③ Whether the water protection is damaged and whether the water protection line is broken;

3. Can burst, can self-check, but does not emit light when sending data (check whether the computer settings are correct)

The above is the reason why the inspection laser head does not emit light. I hope it can help you. 



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