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The Reason for the Slow Down of the Laser Cutting Machine
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The Reason for the Slow Down of the Laser Cutting Machine

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LASER CUTTINGMany sheet metal processing companies will find that after using the laser cutting machine for a few years, the cutting speed will become slower and slower, and the cutting quality will become worse and worse, which seriously affects work efficiency and product quality.


We all know clearly that the purpose of users buying fiber laser cutting machines is to improve production efficiency, improve product processing quality, increase economic returns, and enhance the company's market competitiveness. However, as the use time of fiber laser cutting machines increases, the cutting speed becomes slower and the cutting quality deteriorates. These two major problems often plague many users, and they will contact laser cutting machine manufacturers for solutions.


The reasons for the slowdown of the laser cutting machine and the deterioration of the cutting quality

The first is that the requirements of the operation process cannot be met. This is very unlikely to occur among users who have used the laser cutting machine for a few years. Then the problem is mainly concentrated on the second point, which is the output power of the fiber laser of the fiber laser cutting machine. Caused by attenuation.


The fiber laser is like the human heart. As people age, some of the functions of the heart will gradually degenerate. Proper and long-term care can slow down the function of the heart. The power of fiber lasers is also the same. There is a life limit. Some laser accessories inside will experience aging over time, resulting in power attenuation, resulting in slower cutting speed and poor cutting quality. At this time, the user needs to contact the laser cutting machine manufacturer in time, and return the laser to the manufacturer for maintenance and replacement of related laser accessories in time, so that the output power of the fiber laser reaches the level when it leaves the factory.



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