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The Reasons of Marking Text Work Badly
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The Reasons of Marking Text Work Badly

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Laser Marking machine for metal

Traditional ink jet printing has many technical problems, so laser marking machines are now widely used in various marking industries.Laser marking can improve work efficiency,the marking range is relatively,large Precision welding, the effect is beautiful and smooth.However, when using this device, some malfunctions may occur, such as the marked text is particularly light. 

First of all, we must first consider whether there is a problem with our own operation.

1. Determine whether the surface of the material is smooth. 

If the surface of the material is not smooth, there will be a problem of inability to focus, and the depth of the text will also change.

2. Make sure there is no problem with the parameters. 

For some materials, if the parameter value does not meet the requirements,for example, the filling interval is too large, the problem of different text depth may also occur.

If it is determined that it is a machine problem, it is mainly based on the following aspects:

1.The lens is dirty and there are stains:

This problem as long as the use of some cotton swab on the above with part of the alcohol, and then wipe the laser marking machine each lens, 

such as beam expansion mirror and focusing mirror for scrubbing, the above stains removed, the typing shallow problem can be solved naturally.

2.Current problem:

The problem is usually that the supply current is not turned on or is turned on too low. We need to turn on the supply current or increase the supply current to some extent. 

Due to the small power supply current of the equipment, the depth of the marked text or pattern will also be affected. At this time to increase the current of the laser power supply, 

reduce the frequency of the marking machine, so that the marking machine can operate normally. Avoid the problem that the marking font is too shallow

3.Laser module life limit:

In this situation, it is recommended to replace the laser module directly.

The above is the laser marking when there are several shallow typing problems, refer to the above operations can be solved. 

If you still have problems, you can consult our service staff and get manual services. Of course, in the daily use of the machine, we should use it carefully according to the instructions. 

The use environment of the machine is directly related to the service life of its various parts.We should always pay attention to the working state of the marking machine to prevent its possible problems. 

This not only saves trouble, but also saves manpower and material resources, and will not affect work efficiency.



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