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The Role of Field Lens
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The Role of Field Lens

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suitable field lensHow to improve marking efficiency is a problem that every customer cares about. There are many ways to improve marking efficiency, such as adding a sliding table and choosing a suitable field lens.

There happened to be a friend in the business card marking industry who wanted to improve work efficiency. Today, we teach him how to use the function of the field lens to improve work efficiency.

The field lens is a part of the laser marking machine, and many customers ignore its function. In fact, making full use of the small functions of the field lens can improve work efficiency.

The size of commonly used field lenses is 100 * 100mm to 300 * 300mm.Each lens has a fixed focal length, so the range you need to mark directly determines the size of the field lens that should be selected when purchasing the       machine. As the marking range expands, the height of the lifting column needs to be adjusted. Of course, as the marking range expands, its fineness will decrease. Therefore, a suitable field lens must be selected according to the product     and marking requirements.

Today this friend wants to use a 300*300 field lens to mark multiple business cards at a time. The process is like this:

First use the marking software to determine the range of 300 * 300, and then determine the size of each business card to ensure the number of business cards that can be marked at the same time.Add the text to be marked in the marking software. The number of business cards that need to be marked is the same as the number of text added.Next select the red light positioning, determine the position of each mark point, and then select all the information, click the start mark, and a laser mark will appear on each business card.A 100*100 field lens can only mark one business card at a time, so using a 300 * 300 field lens can increase the work efficiency several times. The most important thing is that you only need to make adjustments once, and then batch marking will become faster.



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