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The Role of Large-format Laser Marking Machine
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The Role of Large-format Laser Marking Machine

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laser marking machineLaser marking is the most common marking method in modern times. The major manufacturing industries are even more in love. With the development of technology and the progress of science, the scope of laser marking machine is becoming wider and wider. According to people's needs, more and more requirements can be met. Laser marking can be applied to non-metal applications including plastics, silicon wafers, ceramic rubber, etc. It can be applied to a small format of 70*70mm and can also be used for a maximum format of 1500*1500mm. 

So what are the functions of the large-format laser marking machine?

Like fiber marking and CO2 marking, the laser wavelength is 1064μum. But the laser power is relatively small compared with fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine. The power of large-format laser marking machine is generally 150W/180W/280W. The reason why it is called large-format marking is because this marking machine is not only suitable for 300* 300~ 600*600mm, but also suitable for 400*400~ 800*800mm It is more suitable for 600*600~ 1500*1500mm.

The large-format dynamic focus laser marking machine is suitable for marking, carving, hollowing and cutting of most non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, wood, bamboo, paper, and organic materials. It cannot be satisfied by optical fiber marking and CO2 marking. The worktable of the large-format laser marking machine can realize its craft within the range of 1500*1500mm. And it meets the needs of users with high speed and high precision. The maximum engraving speed of 10000mm/s is suitable for industrialized mass production, which improves work efficiency more effectively.



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