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The Role of Laser Cleaning on Rubber Molds
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The Role of Laser Cleaning on Rubber Molds

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The mold is an important tool used in the tire vulcanization process. The mold is inevitably contaminated by the comprehensive deposition of rubber, compounding agents and the release agent used in the vulcanization process (the main pollutants are sulfides, inorganic oxides). , Silicone oil, carbon black, etc.), repeated use will cause some patterns to pollute the dead zone. Therefore, the mold must be cleaned frequently to ensure the cleanliness of its surface.

Existing mold cleaning methods: dry ice cleaning, chemical cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, laser cleaning

1. Dry ice cleaning: Dry ice cleaning molds has zero damage to cleaning molds, and the efficiency is medium. Dry ice costs are too high, difficult to store, dangerous goods, and can reduce costs. Only buying dry ice locally can reduce costs, because buying dry ice in other places will be in the transportation process. Consuming dry ice increases costs.

2. Chemical cleaning: Chemical cleaning of molds will corrode the metal material on the surface of the mold. Cleaning requires a period of time to increase the corrosion of the mold, which is not conducive to long-term use of cleaning the mold, and will produce industrial waste water, which is harmful to human health.

3. Sandblasting cleaning: The sandblasting cleaning mold adopts blasting materials (copper sand, quartz sand, emery sand, iron sand, sea sand) to spray on the surface of the mold at high speed, which will damage the surface of the mold, which is not conducive to cleaning the mold for a long time. Air pollution, noise, and inhalable particles can cause harm to the human body.

4 Laser cleaning: laser cleaning molds is non-contact and non-grinding, suitable for various molds, no pollution, high initial investment, but the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time, low operating cost, (200W-500w) power consumption per hour (100W) ) The laser cleaning machine consumes 0.6 degrees of electricity per hour.

Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech surface products, easy to install, operate and realize automation. The operation is simple, the power is turned on, and the equipment is turned on to perform cleaning without chemical reagents, media, dust, and water. It can automatically focus, clean the curved surface, and has the advantages of high cleanliness of the cleaning surface. It can remove the resin on the surface of the object, Oil stains, stains, dirt, embroidered turbidity, coating, plating, paint.

Advantages of laser cleaning:

1. More environmentally friendly: no chemical agents and cleaning fluids are required, and the cleaned waste is basically solid powder, small in size, easy to store, recyclable, no photochemical reaction, and no pollution.

2. Good effect: laser cleaning is non-grinding, non-contact, and non-thermal. It will not produce mechanical force on the object to be cleaned, will not damage the surface of the object, will not damage the substrate, and will not cause secondary pollution.

3. Easy to control: The laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, cooperate with the robot to realize long-distance operation, and can clean complex structures that are not easy to reach by traditional methods. This feature also makes the safety of operators more secure in some dangerous places.

4. Wide range of uses: laser cleaning can remove various types of contaminants on the surface of various materials to achieve a cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. It can also selectively clean the contaminants on the surface of the material without damaging the surface of the material.

5. Low cost: The initial investment of the laser cleaning system is relatively high, but it can be used stably for a long time, with a service life of up to 10 years, low operating cost, high speed, high efficiency, time saving, and quick return on investment. In the long run, The cost is lower than traditional cleaning methods.



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