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The Role of the Midfield Lens of the Laser Marking Machine
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The Role of the Midfield Lens of the Laser Marking Machine

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laserEveryone knows that the laser marking machine is assembled from multiple parts. The field lens is a necessary accessory for the laser marking machine. It is also called the plan focusing lens, scanning lens, and F-θ lens. It is mainly used to focus the light from the galvanometer on a plane. At the time of purchase, you should pay attention to explaining the marking range, and determine it according to your own needs. The wavelength of the optical fiber marking machine and the semiconductor marking machine are both 1064nm, and the field lenses of the two are generally universal. But sometimes if you use the original imported Scanlab galvanometer, its field lens connection ring may not be M85*1, and the field lens is generally M85*1 thread, this time it is necessary to use a field lens conversion Connect the circle.


The main functions of laser marking airport mirrors are:

1. Improve the ability of the edge beam to enter the detector

2. The non-uniform illumination on the photosensitive surface of the detector can be homogenized

3. In the same main optical system, the additional field lens will reduce the area of the detector; if the same area of the detector is used, the field of view can be enlarged and the incident flux can be increased;

Regarding the format, many customers want to buy a large format field lens, because he has to consider that his product will be larger this time, and he also thinks that his product may be larger next time, maybe a larger format is needed, for the long-term Interest, so buy a large format. But you forgot a question, the larger the field lens format, the larger the focal length and working distance of the corresponding field lens. The longer the focal length, the larger the laser focused spot. The same laser is distributed on a larger spot area, and the energy density will inevitably decrease, which will result in a very shallow marking depth.

Everyone knows that the attenuation of laser energy in the air is very strong. In other words, the greater the focal length of the field lens, the greater the loss of laser energy, and the thicker and shallower the lines will be. Therefore, when choosing the format of the field lens, you must choose the most suitable one.



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