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The Role of the Rack and Gears of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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The Role of the Rack and Gears of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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gearGears are wheel-shaped mechanical parts that rely on the meshing of teeth to transmit torque. The gear is driven by other toothed mechanical parts (such as another gear, rack, worm) to achieve functions such as changing the speed and torque, changing the direction of motion, and changing the form of motion. Due to the advantages of high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission ratio, and large power range, gear structures are widely used in industrial products. The gear teeth interlock with each other, and one gear will drive the other gear to rotate to transmit power. Separating the two gears, you can also use chains, crawlers, and leather belts to drive the gears on both sides to transmit power.

The tooth profile of the rack is a straight line instead of an involute (for the tooth surface, it is a flat surface), which is equivalent to an infinite cylindrical gear with an indexing circle radius. The racks can be divided into straight racks and helical racks, which are paired with spur gears and helical gears respectively.

In the application of fiber laser cutting machine, the rack and the cylindrical gear are usually used for power transmission by the servo motor, so that the fiber laser cutting head can move in the X, Y, and Z directions to achieve the purpose of cutting workpieces of various shapes.

The helical rack and pinion are widely used in the manufacture of fiber laser cutting machines due to better meshing, smooth transmission and low noise; large coincidence reduces the load of each pair of gears and improves the load-carrying capacity of the gears.

Precautions for the use of fiber laser cutting machine gears:

1. Before starting, confirm whether the gear is installed in place

2. The contact of the gear can not be biased to one end

3. Avoid using without backlash

4. Have proper lubrication

5. If the gear is exposed outside, please be sure to install a protective cover to ensure safety

6. Do not touch the gear when it is rotating

7. When there is abnormal noise and vibration during operation, please stop the machine to confirm the gear meshing and assembly conditions



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