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The Use of Laser Marking Machines has Long Been Integrated Into Everyone's Life
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The Use of Laser Marking Machines has Long Been Integrated Into Everyone's Life

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  The plastics industry is becoming increasingly important in our daily life and has a serious impact on our lives. Today, the application of laser marking machines organized by laser marking machines in the plastics industry, let's take a look!

food and drink

samples of UV printer

  In order to make the products more beautiful and carry out effective anti-counterfeiting and management, various food and beverages gradually adopt advanced plastic laser marking machines.

Electronic appliances

Car button charger marking sample

  In the electronic control electrical appliance industry, the plastic laser marking machine can be mainly used for surface data information marking and pattern marking of plastic products such as mobile phone adapters, earphones, shells, computer mice, light-transmitting keyboards, and various social electronic components of enterprises. .


  All kinds of modern led lamps, their headlights, lampshades, switch lighting accessories need to use lasers for information marking.

  The huge application market demand has promoted the development of plastic products. When laser marking opportunities are applied to plastic products, the chemical reaction between the two products quickly brings new development opportunities for plastic products. The use of laser marking machines in the plastic products industry has also promoted the development of the laser marking machine industry.

  The laser marking process is very flexible. It can be controlled by computer software and can customize patterns, characters, etc. In addition, laser marking can be integrated off-line (or independent) into the assembly line, which is simpler and more effective with subsequent processes, thereby reducing costs and improving quality. .



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