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The development prospect of laser compound cleaning
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The development prospect of laser compound cleaning

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What is laser cleaning?

laser cleaning

  The essence of the laser cleaning process is to use laser energy to penetrate the surface of the object. The electrons in the material will begin to absorb energy vibrations in about 100 femtoseconds, and a plasma will be generated on the surface of the material; after about 7-10 picoseconds, the energy of the electrons is transferred to the crystal. The lattice makes the lattice start to vibrate. After 10 picoseconds, the object begins to generate a macro temperature, and the local material irradiated by the laser will begin to heat up, melt, and vaporize, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This process can be roughly understood as the material to be removed is heated and evaporated instantly after absorbing energy by the laser.

Why can laser cleaning have great development in the future?

  If this is the application level, it is very broad. For example, the direction I am currently engaged in, the application of laser cleaning in the field of new car manufacturing and maintenance.

  Regarding the cleaning before and after body welding, the layered paint removal, rust removal, and oil removal of the body surface, the traditional cleaning methods have their own limitations: for example, sandblasting will cause a lot of dust pollution. Power sandblasting has relatively little pollution, and if high-power sandblasting is performed in an open space, it will cause huge dust problems. At the same time, sandblasting is also very harmful to workers' health. Silicosis is a common occupational disease among sandblasting workers. Wet chemical cleaning will have cleaning agent residues, causing environmental pollution. Dry ice cleaning is expensive and the recycling of secondary products is inconvenient, ranking 20th in China. - For a tire factory with about 30 employees, the cost of consumables for a year using the dry ice cleaning process is close to 800,000 to 1.2 million, and the operating cost is very high; ultrasonic cleaning cannot remove coatings and sub-micron particle contamination.

  Generally, these cleaning processes have various inconveniences and cannot meet the environmental protection or efficiency requirements of the manufacturing cleaning process.

  As a tool, the core value of laser cleaning is to replace some disadvantaged tools in existing industrial cleaning.

  As mentioned earlier, common industrial cleaning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. First, laser cleaning is technically more accurate and cleaner than traditional cleaning processes. For example, in the application of selective paint removal, laser cleaning can accurately remove a certain micron-scale coating, the surface quality after removal reaches Sa3 level, and the unit cost, energy consumption, efficiency and environmental impact are basically better. . These are the advantages of laser cleaning over traditional cleaning methods.

Laser cleaning seems to be relatively niche!

  At present, the global industrial cleaning market size is about 360 billion yuan, while laser cleaning only accounts for 1.16% of industrial cleaning. Specific gravity is very small.

Laser compound cleaning

  Laser composite cleaning is a new cleaning technology developed on the basis of traditional laser cleaning. The principle is to use continuous laser and pulsed laser for compounding, first use semiconductor continuous laser to preheat and soften the material, and then use pulsed laser to peel off the surface material. The advantage is that the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved when the original laser cleaning price remains unchanged.

  Comparing pure pulse 500W and composite cleaning 2300W (continuous 2000W + pulse 300W) with similar overall prices, we found that the cost performance of composite laser cleaning is 3 times that of pure pulse laser cleaning.

  As far as our company is concerned, there are mature 2000+300, 4000+500, 6000+1000 composite laser cleaning solutions. In the future, we will continue to explore higher power applications.

  The price of laser light sources continues to decline, and the price of laser cleaning machines will also decline in the future. When the cost performance of laser cleaning is improved, its sales will inevitably increase, the market will gradually increase, and people's awareness and acceptance of laser cleaning will gradually increase. In addition, these domestic companies focusing on laser cleaning are committed to developing new technologies and looking for new alternatives to traditional processes. It is believed that laser cleaning will gradually replace traditional cleaning.



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