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The difference between UV Laser Marking Machine and Ordinary Laser Marking Machine
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The difference between UV Laser Marking Machine and Ordinary Laser Marking Machine

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uv laser marking machine

Difference of Price

The UV laser marking machine is relatively expensive among all kinds of marking machines, and it is more than half as expensive as the fiber marking machine. Why is it expensive? What are the failures? Ultraviolet is usually also called purple light. It has a sterilizing effect in the medical field. In fact, the ultraviolet marking machine is not used for sterilization, but is used for marking on the product. It is generally the first choice for marking many medical equipment.

Difference of Laser

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is particularly different from other marking machines in that it belongs to purple light, other machines belong to red light, it belongs to cold laser, and others generate a lot of heat. This means that Ming Ziguang also has differences in product applications. Cold lasers can mark and print on products that are easily deformed and melted by heat.

Advantages of UV Laser Marking Machine

At the same time, Ultraviolet laser also has a feature, it has a certain light transmittance, and can also be marked on products with UV layer. The marking effect on various plastic products is very good, and there will be no burn marks. Ultraviolet laser marking machine can not only mark on products that are easy to burn, but also on some high-hardness actinic glass. Special ceramic materials can also be marked by ultraviolet laser marking machine. The common features of other laser marking machines, marking on all coated products, several types of laser marking machines can do it.

There is a big difference between the application and observation of the UV laser marking machine. We can also feel a certain difference in the use. The UV laser marking machine generally requires water cooling, and air cooling has a certain limit in terms of cooling. In terms of weight and size, we can clearly see that the size of the UV laser marking machine is larger than other marking machines. In terms of parameters, the wavelength of the UV laser marking machine is 355nm, which is different from the wavelength of other marking machines.

There are many differences between UV laser marking machines, the text is not limited, and they are not listed one by one. If you have any difficulties in choosing a marking machine to mark on the product or want to know the characteristics of the marking machine, you can consult us HANTEN CNC.



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