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These Reasons Cause the Uneven Marking of the UV Laser Marking Machine
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These Reasons Cause the Uneven Marking of the UV Laser Marking Machine

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When using the UV laser marking machine, we will find that sometimes the printed figures and figures are uneven. This situation actually occurs in the use of the UV laser marking machine. 

What is the cause?

1. The depth of focus of the lens is limited.

Each laser lens has its own focal depth limitation. When the graphics to be marked exceeds the focal depth limitation of the lens, the graphics at the critical point of the focal depth limitation may exceed the focal depth limitation, which may cause Asymmetry of results.

2. Thermal lens phenomenon.

As the laser passes through the optical lens, the accompanying energy causes the lens to heat up and deform slightly, which causes the laser to focus up and the focal length to shorten. If the machine is fixed, adjust the distance of the focus, and within a period of time after the laser is turned on, the laser energy density on the material is uneven due to the deformation of the lens, resulting in asymmetric marking results.

3. The angle adjustment of the machine is not good.

Because of the problem with the angle setting of the machine, the distance between the laser beam passing through the field lens and the object to be processed will be inconsistent. In this case, the energy will also become inconsistent, and the marked pattern will also be uneven.

4. The reason for the material.

Because the energy of the laser is very large, the material is more sensitive to the energy of the laser. When the energy of the laser exceeds the limit point of the material, it will cause damage to the material, resulting in different coating thicknesses of the material, or a little other When the physical and chemical processing process is asymmetric, it will also cause asymmetric results of laser marking.

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