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This Article will Benefit people Engaged in Pen Business a Lot
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This Article will Benefit people Engaged in Pen Business a Lot

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Laser Marking Machine for Pen

If you are a factory, will you often receive complaints from dealers?

1.The font printed on the pen body is easy to fall off. As the strength of the hand holding the pen increases when writing, the palm will sweat, and the traditional printed font will fall on the hand.

2.Because the pen is a fast-consuming product and it is essential to life. Therefore, the purchase quantity is large and the repurchase cycle is short. Distributors often complain that production efficiency is too slow.

If you are a retailer or distributor

1.Your factory has not yet realized the role of laser marking machines. It has not been applied to pen processing. You can perform secondary processing on the pens you produce to give them higher quality.

2. Because your target customer is the final customer, the customer may have their own needs, so you can engrave on the pen according to the customer's needs. For example, an educational institution that advertises wants to engrave the name of its institution on the pen, a child who studies hard wants a unique pen, and so on.

You will no longer be a retailer, you have given this pen a higher added value. This will be a brand new competitive product.

If you meet the above content, please follow me to take a look at our newly developed pen tool laser marking machine.

We have two installation methods, one is disc tooling and the other is conveyor belt tooling. Both can meet the needs of high-speed, high-efficiency, high-quality marking pens.


In addition,We have many models (for example: desktop, mini, portable folding, etc.) to choose from, so you don't have to worry about the large or small space of your own to place the machine.

Place the pen on the disc or conveyor belt, and then use the computer control software to select the text, pattern or other content that needs to be marked. Maybe you can see your new product in less than one seconds.

Tasks that you may not be able to complete within a day according to the traditional process can now be completed in just a few hours with higher quality.You will find that the pen marked in this way will not only not feel touched, but will never fall off. Since the content of laser marking is permanent, there is no need to worry about the customer experience.

Do you feel moved when you see this? Come contact me for more details!



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