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Types of Laser Safety Goggles
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Types of Laser Safety Goggles

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Safety Goggles

There are various types of laser protective glasses. In addition to the differences in the materials used, the functions and principles of different laser protective glasses are also different. Therefore, you must understand clearly before purchasing laser protective glasses.

Common laser protective glasses mainly include absorption type, reflective type, composite type, explosive type and so on.

1. Absorptive laser protective glasses:

It is to add various absorbents to glass or plastic lenses to absorb laser light and make it impermeable.

2. Reflective laser protective glasses:

A set of high-refractive-index dielectric films are coated on the lens. When the light hits the dielectric film, all the reflected light on the interface has the same phase, which strengthens the reflection of the wavelength of light, which can reflect the laser to achieve the purpose of protecting the glasses. , and has a high transmittance to other visible light.

3. Composite laser protective glasses:

It consists of two reflective medium films separated by a layer of color-absorbing glass to suppress unwanted internal reflection between the two reflective films. The glasses have better laser protection performance and a large safety factor, and are suitable for the protection of large and medium power lasers.

4. Explosive laser protective glasses:

It is to apply a layer of explosives to the lenses. When the intensity of the incident laser reaches a certain value, it will detonate quickly to shield the laser, which is used in the military to prevent laser weapons from hurting the eyes.

These different types of laser protective glasses have their own characteristics. Usually, a type of laser protective glasses can only protect against lasers of one wavelength. You should be optimistic when purchasing and using them. Laser safety goggles are efficient and safe goggles, suitable for a variety of lasers, laser pointers, this series of optical safety goggles are comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable to wear. People working in the laser environment must pay attention to protect their eyes.



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