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Types of Plastic Welding Methods
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Types of Plastic Welding Methods

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Automatic Welding Machine

Plastic welding methods are generally divided into four categories:

(1) Contour welding: The laser moves along the contour of the plastic welding layer and melts it, gradually bonding the plastics together. Mainly used for welding parts with regular shape and welding speed requirements

(2) Simultaneous welding: use a laser transmitter with multiple laser ports to adjust the direction and shape of the laser beam through optical devices; the laser beam is guided by the program and welds along the contour of the welding layer to melt the entire contour at the same time and glued together. Mainly used for parts with large welding contact area and high welding consistency requirements

(3) Scanning welding: Also known as quasi-synchronous welding, it combines the above two welding technologies. The high-speed laser beam is generated by the optical device and moves along the part to be welded, so that the whole welding part gradually heats up and fuses together. This method has higher requirements for laser emission equipment

(4) Mask welding: The laser beam in the invalid area is blocked by the pre-made template, only the precise welding part is exposed, and only the welding area is melted to realize the welding process. This welding technology has high precision and is currently the most widely used laser welding technology. It has strong equipment versatility, simple template fabrication and low cost, and can achieve high-precision welding as low as 10 μm.

With the continuous decline of equipment costs for domestic laser technology and the gradual improvement of the requirements for plastic parts welding in various fields, laser plastic welding technology is becoming more and more popular.



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