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UV Printer Project

  • If the UV printer accidentally adds an ink that is not the same as the ink cartridge, it is easy to cause the two inks to be incompatible. There will be sediment in the ink path, which will block the ink path system or the nozzle, causing unnecessary losses. Once the wrong UV ink is added, there are

  • If you want to produce well, technology must keep up. Ordinary inkjet printers have long been unable to meet the changes of the times. At this stage, UV printers have come to the fore in the new era. UV is a kind of oily and UV-resistant ink. It can be guaranteed for 3 years outdoors, and it can act

  • At present, many material providers in the home furnishing industry choose to use UV printers to print on various materials. UV printers have strong printing capabilities and can print all the patterns they want to print on the materials, meeting the diverse needs of home decoration in the current market. A new milestone for personalized decoration. How can I personalize printing on marble?

  • Due to the various complex and irregular shapes of toys, the spray painting process is commonly used, but the spray painting does not meet the environmental protection standards, which will cause pollution and endanger health. UV printing is a very suitable printer for printing toys. Because of the use of environmentally friendly inks, UV printers are not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also have better printing effect and adhesion than spray paint.

  • Since both plastic and glass materials are hard materials, hard UV ink is also used, and the coating treatment liquid used before printing is different. Since glass is a transparent material, it is necessary to print a layer of white ink first, and then print the color ink, so that The effect is more beautiful.

  • When the UV flatbed machine is printing acrylic materials, because of the high density of acrylic, if the corresponding coating is not applied on the surface of the acrylic, the printed picture will fall off as soon as it is scratched, the color adsorption is poor, the printing quality is not ideal, and the color is easy to fade, etc. condition.

  • Can UV flatbed printers print irregular shaped items? When it comes to the UV printing process of UV flatbed printers, they all think that they can only print flat flat materials. Conventional UV color printing cannot meet the market demand.

  • After the UV printer prints stainless steel, the pattern falls off as soon as it is scratched? Does it fade in water? Poor adhesion? Let us tell you the reason

  • UV printers are becoming more and more widely used in all walks of life, and the business of the same industry is getting bigger and bigger, but you are still waiting and watching, and you are too late to make a decision? Here are five reasons to buy a UV printer!

  • UV flatbed printers are more and more widely used in all walks of life. In industries such as advertising, home decoration, crafts processing, packaging, and digital enclosures, the use of UV printers is not uncommon.

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