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UV laser marking machine
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UV laser marking machine

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uv markingThere are also many types of laser marking machines. In addition to fiber laser marking machines, there is also an ultraviolet laser marking machine. Ultraviolet laser marking machines are mainly cold processing equipment. Many people do not understand what is special about ultraviolet laser marking machines, What is the effect of use. 

How about the UV laser marking machine, let's introduce it in detail below.

The UV laser marking machine is different from the fiber laser marking machine. It does not generate heat on the processed surface of the product, and can reduce the physical deformation of the material to a large extent, and the processing heat effect is small. If you want fine processing, then the UV laser marking machine is the best choice, because it is also a high profile in the configuration of the marking machine. Not only that, but the UV laser marking machine also has very high technical requirements because of the fineness. High, so the effect of the product will be more exquisite than the fiber marking machine. The ultraviolet laser marking machine should be regarded as the high-precision and expensive processing equipment in the same category of laser marking machine products.

The galvanometer and lens of the UV laser marking machine have different coating thickness and materials than other coatings, so there is no way to synchronize, and the price of the galvanometer and lens of the UV laser marking machine is relatively high, so the overall price of the machine is also higher than that of the optical fiber. The laser marking machine should be high. However, you get what you pay for, and it is expensive. For high-pursuing users, the product of UV laser marking machine is more perfect. In addition, the light wave of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is also different, its wavelength is short wave, 355MM. Everyone knows that too much heat will cause certain damage to the product, and the biggest feature of shortwave is that it will not produce too much heating effect on the material. Without too high temperature, the product will naturally not be damaged. It is also the most important for customers. OK.

Although the price of the UV laser marking machine is expensive, its advantages are also very obvious. The effect of the product is good, and it is worth the money. It also does not require other consumables, and the later use cost is relatively low, but the purchase price is higher, and there is no need to maintain it after use, and it can be used normally.



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