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Ultra-fine Processing by Precision Laser Cutting Machine
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Ultra-fine Processing by Precision Laser Cutting Machine

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The application of laser has gradually expanded from large-size rough processing to small-size, high-precision fields. From the use of high-power lasers to cut carbon steel plates with large patterns above 20mm, to the use of medium-power lasers as low as a few hundred watts, and fine processing of thin materials below 1mm, precision laser cutting machines can be used for cutting.

Precision laser cutting machine uses high-energy pulsed laser to cut objects. The xenon lamp is pulsed by the laser power source to form a light wave with a certain frequency and pulse width, which is radiated on the workpiece by the condenser cavity to melt and vaporize locally to achieve cutting. The processing accuracy can reach within millimeters, the incision is smooth, and the product is more delicate and delicate. The precision laser cutting machine integrates cutting, engraving, hollowing and other processes, which can meet the cutting and drilling of metals, plastics, PCBs, ceramic sheets and other materials, as well as other process requirements.

In addition to the advantages of high cutting speed, high work efficiency, and high stability of the laser cutting machine, the laser beam is easy to control, easy to combine with precision machinery, precision measurement technology and electronic computers, which makes the precision laser cutting machine can realize processing With its high degree of automation and high processing accuracy, it is more suitable for precision parts processing and various fine crafts cutting. It is widely used in precision machinery hardware, microelectronics and other industries that require high precision.

At the same time, the precision laser cutting machine has small slits, small deformation, smooth, flat and beautiful cutting surface, without subsequent processing. The precision laser laser cutting machine is used for non-contact cutting and perforating of 8MM metal plates and pipes. The minimum cutting gap can reach 0.1mm, which is especially suitable for stainless steel plates and iron plates.

At present, precision laser cutting machines are widely used in precision electronics, decoration, molds, mobile phone digital, sheet metal, and hardware industries with their irreplaceable superior performance.



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