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Visual Positioning Laser Marking Machine
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Visual Positioning Laser Marking Machine

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As a non-contact modern precision processing method, laser marking technology has been widely used in various industries. It can be marked on any special-shaped surface, the workpiece is not deformed, no internal stress, high-precision processing quality can be obtained, and the uniformity of processing quality can be guaranteed.

If you use a vision system to assist laser marking, you can give full play to the advantages of laser processing. It can not only solve the problem of marking accuracy, but also has strong adaptability, eliminating the need to use fixtures, reducing costs and improving product lines. The automated process reduces manual involvement and improves system efficiency.

Introduction of visual positioning laser marking machine

For a standard laser marking machine, the materials must be in a fixed position during marking and must not be shaken during processing, so that the processed pattern can be processed to the designated position of the product.

But now new technologies continue to emerge. The visual positioning laser marking positioning system developed by us can achieve precise marking of the product as long as the product is within the processing range of the laser marking scanning galvanometer;

In other words, even if the position is different each time, the processing position is possible. This technology uses the principle of visual positioning. First, formulate and save the product as a standard template. During the processing, the product is photographed, and the product is compared and positioned through the computer. Processing can be carried out after adjustment. The shape of the processed product can be recognized as round, square and irregular shape; this process is especially suitable for small products, which can save the processing of positioning trays and fixed fixtures, and greatly save the processing cycle of laser marking.

Technical advantages of assembly line laser marking visual positioning system

1. It is convenient to assist various assembly lines, support conveyor belt and XY platform to realize automatic positioning and marking; it can also be connected with vibrating plate and automatic feeder to realize automatic laser marking.

2. Large visual range, supports mainstream lasers such as UV, optical fiber, CO2, etc., suitable for most products.

3. The software can automatically identify and mark products at any position, any angle, and any number.

4. Unique software algorithm, high positioning accuracy and fast response speed.

5. Fool-style operation interface, with key correction function, making the operation simpler and clearer, and ordinary employees can also get started.

6. The assembly line conveyor can be customized according to the product size and characteristics.



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