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What Influences the Marking Effect of Laser Marking Machine?
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What Influences the Marking Effect of Laser Marking Machine?

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

I believe anyone who has a certain understanding of laser marking knows that the effect of laser marking is actually affected by many factors. If you want to get your ideal marking effect, You must prepare well in advance to get the results you want. Many people mistakenly think that as long as you buy the laser marking machine, you can use it directly, and you can mark the results you want at any time. Obviously this understanding Some misinterpretation of the normal working principle of the laser marking machine, then how to determine the factors that affect the laser marking effect.

For the laser marking machine, when performing laser marking, it can be simply considered as the role of laser and marking material, and the classification of light source can be side pumped, end pumped and fiber laser, generally marking The materials can be divided into 2 categories, metal and non-metal. The value of attention is the parameter problem in the laser marking machine. Chuyuan Optoelectronics reminds everyone to pay attention to the power, frequency, pulse width, and beam quality. The main influencing factors of the different marking effects we commonly see are power, frequency, pulse width and beam quality at the same frequency, among which frequency will affect the peak power of single pulse energy.

After determining the marking parameters of the laser marking machine, it is necessary to mark the material. Let's talk about the metal first. For the metal materials, we mainly use stainless steel, die steel, copper, nickel, gold, silver and other metal materials to explain , This type of laser marking is characterized by a slightly deeper, high-contrast effect requirement. There is also the effect of fineness, no depth, and high contrast: drawing, fogging, and discoloration. In addition, the factors affecting the marking depth are the single pulse energy and beam quality. Here we will talk about the difference between a fiber laser and a pump source. The fiber laser has good beam quality, concentrated energy, and high single pulse energy. The beam quality of the side pump of the pump source is relatively poor. In addition, when marking the metal, the surface color will be caused by the difference of the peak power, which will cause the obvious change of the color. For non-metallic materials, Chuyuan Optoelectronics has conducted experiments on plastics, glass, silicon, ceramics and some non-metallic coatings. These materials can be marked with a laser marking machine, and the effect is very good.

There are actually many factors that affect the marking effect of laser marking machines. As long as one parameter is different, different results will be produced. Therefore, only after countless trials and tests, record the results obtained after each adjustment of the parameters, and face Only when the customer raises the problem can we solve the problem well for the customer.



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