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What Knowledge Do You Need to Know When Using a Laser Cleaning Machine?
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What Knowledge Do You Need to Know When Using a Laser Cleaning Machine?

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Laser cleaning There are various cleaning methods in the traditional cleaning industry, most of which use chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning. As my country's environmental protection laws and regulations are becoming stricter and people are increasingly aware of environmental protection and safety, the types of chemicals that can be used in industrial cleaning will become less and less.

How to find a cleaner and non-damaging cleaning method is a problem we have to consider. The laser cleaning has the cleaning characteristics of non-grinding, non-contact, non-thermal effect and suitable for objects of various materials, and is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution. At the same time, laser cleaning can solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods.

What knowledge do you need to know when using a laser cleaning machine?

As the power density increases, the rust removal efficiency increases proportionally. When the power density reaches a certain threshold (about 1.4E+08 w/cm)

When the power density and spot overlap rate are determined, the size of the cleaning spot has nothing to do with the number of cleanings, that is, the thickness of a single removal is unchanged; the larger the spot size, the higher the scanning speed and the filling interval, which improves the cleaning efficiency on the one hand, and the other On the other hand, the increase in cleaning speed reduces the heat accumulation of the substrate, the oxidation of the substrate surface is improved, and the removal ability becomes stronger

The power density continues to increase. On the basis of rust and clean, the power density range without damaging the substrate is about 7.5E+07 w/cm2~1.5E+08 w/cm2.

When the overlap rate of light spots is low, there is a small uncleaned area (dot shading) in the scanning area, and then the rust layer remains; when the overlap rate is high, the substrate will be oxidized and yellowed due to the cumulative thermal effect of the light pulse

Experiments show that the rust is cleaned and the overlap rate of the substrate without obvious oxidation is about: 20%~50% (theoretical calculation is that the minimum overlap rate of the circular light spot covering the cleaning area is 25%). When the power density is appropriate, the cleaning effect and efficiency factors should be integrated, and when the cleaning process is formulated, the spot overlap rate should be >20%.

In actual cleaning, the filling interval should be reasonably determined according to the size of the cleaning spot to avoid uneven shading after cleaning.



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