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What Should I Do If The Marking Range is Not Large Enough?
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What Should I Do If The Marking Range is Not Large Enough?

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laser marking machineAs we all know, limited by the focus lens and power of the laser marking machine, the maximum effective marking range of the laser marking machine is about 300 mm X 300 mm. However, in the process of laser application, we occasionally meet the needs of customers to consult large-format laser marking. At this time, the marking range of standard machines can no longer meet customer needs, so we developed a large-format laser marking machine. This machine is mainly used for marking large areas. Because the area is different, the laser used for the material is different, and the power intensity is different according to the process requirements, so each machine needs a customized service. At present, our large-format laser marking machine mainly has four types: large-format lens laser marking machine, XY electric platform stitching laser marking machine, dynamic large-format laser marking machine, large-format non-splicing platform laser marking machine Each standard machine has its own advantages, disadvantages and usage scenarios.

Today, I will introduce the XY electric platform splicing laser marking machine.

In this way, after marking a range, move the platform, and then mark the next part;repeat to mark and move multiple times and then stitch together into a large format.

In theory, this method can be infinitely large, as long as you have this requirement.

The advantage of this laser marking machine:

The lines are relatively fine, because the format of the field lens used is relatively small, then the marking lines are fine, not as thick as the large-format field lens marking.

However, the major disadvantages of this working method are:

1.Due to the accuracy error of the mobile platform, there is a phenomenon that the splicing is not up or the splicing can be observed by the naked eye! If you want to splice well, you must use a high-precision platform, and this cost is also very high.

2.Because of the puzzle method, the multi-document marking method must be used, and the pictures need to be processed well. If the processing is not good, it will not be spliced. This is also a technical task.

3.Some control cards do not support puzzles, so you need to confirm whether the control card supports it.

If there is a lot of graphics processing, some control cards are easy to freeze, JCZ is like this, especially the more pirated cards on the market, Hans, Samlight, etc. are much better.

According to your needs, combine the advantages and disadvantages of this product. If you have any questions or want to buy this machine, go to the customer service.



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