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What Should I Pay Attention to When Printing Acrylic Materials with UV Printers?
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What Should I Pay Attention to When Printing Acrylic Materials with UV Printers?

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UVWhen the UV flatbed machine is printing acrylic materials, because of the high density of acrylic, if the corresponding coating is not applied on the surface of the acrylic, the printed picture will fall off as soon as it is scratched, the color adsorption is poor, the printing quality is not ideal, and the color is easy to fade, etc. condition.

In view of this situation, Hanteng laser UV flatbed printer has the following precautions and suggestions for printing acrylic:

1. Choose the acrylic spray coating:

At present, the acrylic spray coating on the market has two-component or multi-component products, which need to be configured according to the proportion specified by the manufacturer before use.

Regarding product safety: Product safety is also an issue that must be considered when choosing acrylic inkjet coatings. Solvent-based coatings are not only odorous, but also pose a safety hazard when stored improperly. Transportation is also inconvenient, because of the high investment in acrylic inkjet printing, consider safer water-based coatings when choosing acrylic inkjet coatings. If solvent-based coating must be used, it is recommended to store it separately from acrylic to avoid safety hazards.

2. The inkjet coating affects the appearance of the UV printed product:

As a high value-added decorative product, UV printing generally has high requirements on the appearance, which requires the coating to be colorless and transparent. Now there are some two-component coatings based on epoxy resins on the market, and the film formation is yellow, which will affect the decorative effect, which needs special attention.

Next, pay attention to weather resistance. For UV printing products, especially UV advertising signs used outdoors, UV advertising navigation boards and UV advertising display boards must remain bright and new for a long time, which requires the coating to have the function of resisting ultraviolet rays. Some coatings will turn yellow under long-term light conditions and are not suitable for outdoor use. Even for UV printing products that are only used indoors, it is generally necessary to consider the use of weather resistance to ensure product quality.

3. The problem of adhesion:

There are many methods of adhesion, the more common such as the 100 grid test. If the quality requirements of the printed product are high, you can also test whether the printed product falls off after being soaked in water or boiled in water. Adhesion is the key to measuring the coating, and a high-quality coating should pass the 100 grid test and not fall off after soaking or boiling. Also pay attention to leveling, which is a common performance index in coatings, which refers to the automatic flow formation of brush marks and spray mist particles that appear on the gas coating film when the coating is brushed or sprayed on the surface of the object. The ability to flat smooth surfaces.

The acrylic UV spray coating with poor flowability will affect the decorative effect of the printed matter. More importantly, if the brush marks on the coating surface will not disappear automatically, the uneven coating surface may rub the printing nozzle, causing major economic losses. It should level off quickly afterwards.

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