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What Should I Pay Attention to When Using Laser Products?
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What Should I Pay Attention to When Using Laser Products?

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1. Before the first operation, read the instruction manual and operation manual attached to the laser product in detail, and strictly abide by the prescribed operation procedures.

2. Do not look directly at the laser beam and its reverse beam. When the machine fails, even if there is no visible light, you should not approach the laser for inspection with the naked eye, because some lasers will emit infrared and ultraviolet light that are invisible to the human eye.

3. When using lasers of Class 3B and above, staff should remove any objects with shiny surfaces, such as accessories, watches and badges. And wear protective glasses to prevent the reflected light from entering the eyes and causing injury. Long hair should be tied up and a lab cap should be worn. If you use laser cutting equipment to process materials that are prone to dust, you should wear a dust mask and do a good job of fire prevention.

4. The peak power of the pulsed (Q-switched, mode-locked, ultrafast) laser is extremely high, which may cause damage to the experimental components. Please confirm the damage resistance threshold of your experimental components before use.

5. There should be no flammable and explosive materials in the working area where the laser equipment is located. When the equipment is working, the staff cannot leave for a long time.

6. Regularly maintain and repair the laser equipment, and keep the room and the surrounding of the laser equipment clean and tidy, free of oil pollution.

7. When the staff finds an abnormality in the processing process, they should stop the machine immediately, remove the fault in time or report it to the supervisor.



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