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What are the Aadvantages of Flying Laser Marking Machine?
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What are the Aadvantages of Flying Laser Marking Machine?

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flying laser marking machine

The serial number is used to identify electronic products during the general application of information technology and the basic generation period of Internet of things technology.It is generally used for anti-counterfeiting identification. In order to better ensure the accuracy of identification, the serial numbers of today's world are used for industrial production.Every product has a serial number, which is the ID card and identification code of the device.

The serial number includes a lot of information content (such as the serial number of the manufacturing CNC lathe), which is conducive to tracking product quality problems.

There are serial numbers and serial numbers on the assembly line in the production process.

In order to complete the production and processing of fully automatic marking, manufacturers generally take flying marking as the leading factor. Flying marking generally refers to online flying laser marking machine, which is mainly used to mark the line code on the surface of various commodities or outer packaging boxes.

Unlike traditional laser marking machines that only mark fixed and non-animal parts, during the entire barcode marking process, the product continues to flow on the production line, which further improves productivity. The laser machine is integrated into the static data of industrial production. Laser marking It is a fully automatic marking method,That is, the manual left and right materials, the product workpiece is placed on the platform, and then manually unloaded after marking. The online flying laser marking machine has strong text combing and image processing functions, and can automatically generate production batch numbers and serial numbers.

The plug-in intelligent control system socket can be flexibly connected with a variety of automated machinery and sensors, and the function of the mobile phone software can be flexibly changed according to the actual situation. At this stage in the flight solution industry, the following two technologies are key: one is multi-threaded and multi-threaded Laser cutting shooting system software, its defect is that it cannot achieve large-scale resolution and positioning and navigation. The second type is the application of linear array surveillance cameras. The disadvantage is that the operating platform must be fixed during the production process, and the high efficiency of the production and processing of raw materials is still not very high. In order to better deal with the process problems in the flying marking industry, online flying laser marking machines are born.

The flying laser marking machine adopts the multi-head multi-threaded visual positioning flying production and processing method, which can complete the precise positioning production and processing of the items at a uniform speed, and further improve the high efficiency of the production and processing of raw materials. In addition, the solution will not be limited by the file format. The digital image processing of a single or several line-array surveillance cameras can be used for visual positioning of large file formats.

The actual operation also has the following processing advantages:

HANTENCNC's machine adopts non-contact laser to solve the problem. It has faster marking speed, high efficiency, low power consumption, no consumables, no manual operation in the production process, and improved production and product quality. The laser marking is clear, beautiful and generous, and cannot be wiped. It is easy to drop and wear-resistant, ensuring product traceability and reasonable control of character specifications. The precision range is from mm to μm, and high-quality labeling requirements for different customers can be considered.

 Suitable for surface treatment of most plastic and metal composite materials. The key is used for electronic components, circuit boards, 5g mobile communication base station oscillators, ceramic filters, instrumentation equipment, mobile phone communications, high-precision parts and other fields such as online and offline flight laser marking and numbering, such as circuit board series Number, serial number, two-dimensional code laser marking, etc.~



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