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What are the advantages of CO2 laser marking machine for processing leather?
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What are the advantages of CO2 laser marking machine for processing leather?

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  Now the marking of products has become an indispensable process in manufacturing. Nowadays, more and more industries and products have applied laser marking machines. The use of laser marking can leave permanent marks on products, and the speed of laser marking is fast, high efficiency, not only improves production efficiency for enterprises, but also greatly saves labor costs.  In addition to some high-end luxury goods are purely handmade, the rest are used to a laser marking equipment, that is, Co2 laser marking machine.

What are the advantages of Co2 laser marking machine for leather processing?

1. Co2 laser marking processing is a form of thermal processing. It uses a high-energy laser beam to instantly complete the burning engraving on the surface of the leather, and the thermal influence is small (basically negligible). The co2 laser marking machine processes the leather,it will not cause any damage to the leather, the engraving speed is fast, more accurate and does not require a template, any pattern and text can be changed at will.

2. Any pattern engraved by the co2 laser marking machine is permanent, and the marking pattern is exquisite and beautiful, and the co2 laser marking machine can also help enterprises save costs. In the process of processing, the co2 laser marking The standard machine will not have any consumables, and no secondary processing is required, which can save a lot of labor costs and unnecessary consumables costs.

3.There are many advantages of using laser engraving technology to process leather, such as high engraving accuracy, no burrs, and different burrs and different shapes.Now it can meet everyone's idea of pursuing independent characteristics and adapt to industries of various materials. It can be used in shoe uppers, clothing, Cut flowers are engraved on shoe materials, bags, leather goods, gloves, etc. The laser marking machine has the advantages of high output and low cost, which can enable many manufacturers to quickly occupy the market and improve the competitiveness of the industry.

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