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What environment is the fiber laser marking machine not suitable for?
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What environment is the fiber laser marking machine not suitable for?

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  HanTenCNC fiber laser marking machine is widely used in various industries. Although it adapts to a wide range of environments, there are still some environments that are not suitable for the use of fiber laser marking machines. Let's take a look at it today.

The environment that the fiber laser marking machine is not suitable for:

  1. High temperature environment. At present, most laser marking machines working with air cooling are on the market. If the marking machine works in an environment above 40°C, the effect of air cooling will be greatly reduced, which may lead to fiber laser marking he machine appears inaccurately marked. For laser machines, it is best to work between 10°C and 35°C. If the working environment temperature reaches the peak of the equipment, the laser will also stop working. In the case of high temperature, we can install a cooling fan or air conditioner to cool the machine.

  2. An environment with unstable voltage, because the control system of the fiber laser marking machine relies on voltage signals. If the voltage in the working environment is unstable or does not meet the requirements, a higher voltage difference will occur, affecting The normal startup of the fiber laser marking machine, even if it starts normally, will affect the stability of the laser light output. Most of the voltage instability occurs in the surrounding area there are many large-scale equipment in use. You can use a multimeter to measure the actual voltage correctly. Check the voltage difference within a fixed time. If the voltage continues to be unstable, it is recommended that you use a voltage stabilizer of 1KW or more for assistance.

  3. The environment with excessive dust. The operating environment of the laser marking machine should be a dust-free environment. If there is dust in the use environment, it will easily affect the marking accuracy during use. The reason why this phenomenon occurs is mainly because the dust hinders the normal intensity of the laser, so the marking is not clear. It is recommended that the equipment can be placed in a dust-free workshop if possible, and the engineering lenses should be wiped twice with alcohol and a dust-free cloth after the equipment is used.

  4. Strong magnetic field environment, the strong magnetic environment will cause deviation of the pointer of the fiber laser marking machine, and the marking accuracy will be inaccurate, so it should be avoided in the strong magnetic environment.

  The above is an introduction to the environment that is not suitable for using fiber laser marking machine. When we use fiber laser marking machine, we must pay attention to the above points, so that the fiber laser marking machine can work more efficiently for a long time.



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