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What is a Sheet and Tube Integrated Machine?
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What is a Sheet and Tube Integrated Machine?

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The sheet and tube integrated machine is also called the plate and tube cutting integrated machine, the plate and tube laser cutting integrated machine, and the laser plate and tube integrated machine. Generally speaking, it is a laser device.


The sheet and tube integrated machine takes into account the functions of the laser cutting machine and the laser tube cutting machine, and can complete the cutting of metal sheet and metal pipes. However, due to its compatibility issues, there is no single function powerful when cutting metal thickness ranges or pipe diameter ranges. After all, the power of the current laser cutting machine has reached 15,000 watts, and the laser pipe cutting machine has also reached 3,000 watts (customization can be accepted according to the actual needs of customers). They can easily help most users solve practical problems.


The main machine of the fiber laser sheet and tube integrated machine is composed of a bed, a beam, an exchange table, a Z-axis device, an operation control part, and a gas circuit and a water circuit.

The pipe cutting machine adopts a flat-plate left end to add a pipe cutting device, and the pipe cutting is limited to round pipes, square pipes and rectangular cross-section pipes. Both the front-end chuck and the back-end chuck adopt automatic clamping methods. The double chucks are driven by double synchronous motors to ensure the rotation accuracy of the pipe. The pipe is fed from the left rear end of the machine tool, and the finished product is fed from the left front end of the machine tool. Both feeding and blanking are supported by brackets.


The cutting head part of the integrated laser plate and tube adopts the Raytools laser head and the capacitive non-contact height automatic tracking system. The cutting head is designed with beam shaping and has excellent beam quality. The equipped focusing lens can be used for cutting sheets of different thicknesses, eliminating the trouble of replacing different focusing lenses.


Used in various manufacturing and processing industries such as advertising signs, decorations, craft gifts, thin metals, electronics, electrical appliances, household appliances, and tool processing.


Cutting of sheet, round tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes has great advantages. In addition to solving the basic functions of customers, it can also ensure product quality. Intelligent cutting system, professional pipe cutting, automatic correction, convenient and practical, saving materials and reducing costs! 



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