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What is the Working Principle of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
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What is the Working Principle of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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There are currently two types of CO2 laser marking machines on the market: 

one is a CO2 laser marking machine with a glass tube as the CO2 laser, and the other is a CO2 laser marking machine with a radio frequency tube as the CO2 laser. The CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used for non-metallic materials, but the CO2 laser marking machine using the RF tube as the laser can be applied to the corresponding metal materials.

CO2 laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking machine. It works with CO2 laser, so it is called CO2 laser marking machine. Laser is the core factor of laser marking machine and also the price control factor of laser marking machine. What is the working principle of the CO2 laser marking machine? To understand the working principle of the CO2 laser marking machine, we must first understand the CO2 laser. The CO2 laser is a gas laser that can generate a wavelength of 1064 nm, and the laser power of the CO2 laser is very high, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency. CO2 laser can be said to be a laser with high laser power at present. CO2 laser uses CO2 gas as its working medium, so CO2 reacts with other auxiliary gases to produce laser for processing.

The characteristics of CO2 laser marking machine have the following five points: 

1. Use radio frequency laser and high-speed galvanometer; 

2. Laser marking is clear, fast, high yield, no pollution; 

3. Graphics, text and serial numbers can be edited by software for easy modification. 

4. This kind of laser requires no maintenance for 30,000 hours, no consumables, low use cost, and saves electricity and energy. 

5. The label is environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant; product parameters.

The CO2 laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 1064 μm in the infrared band. CO2 gas is charged into the discharge tube as a medium for generating laser light. When the voltage on the electrode increases, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, which can release the laser from the gas molecules and amplify the laser energy to form a laser beam for processing materials. The computer controls the galvanometer to change the optical path of the laser beam to realize automatic marking.

The commodities in our lives are basically processed by CO2 laser marking machines. In addition to commodity processing, the utilization rate of other industries is also quite high. 

After understanding the working principle of CO2 laser marking machine, do you have a deeper understanding of CO2 laser marking machine? Follow us to get more information about laser marking machine.



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