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What materials can CCD vision laser marking machine mark?
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What materials can CCD vision laser marking machine mark?

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  CCD visual positioning laser marking machine is very suitable for small parts and products that need to be marked in different directions, and it is also suitable for large products where manual feeding is inconvenient.

  In traditional silk screen marking, in the face of irregular product surface is always unable to start. Problems such as complex patterns and uneven product surfaces can be easily solved with a visual positioning marking machine. Call up the pattern that needs to be printed on the computer, and then complete the marking on the product. As for the placement and positioning of products, the CCD visual laser marking machine can automatically identify and accurately position it, and it does not need to be placed manually as before, which greatly improves work efficiency.

CCD visual positioning laser marking machine application materials:

1. Metal materials: watches, metal gifts, aluminum alloys, hardware materials, stainless steel industry, electronic components, spectacle frames, etc.;

2. Non-metallic materials: daily electrical appliances, plastics, glass ceramics, bamboo and wood products, fabrics, leather, food, etc.;

  The laser marking machine can engrave LOGO trademarks, text, QR codes, patterns, anti-counterfeiting codes, barcodes and other private custom logos on metal and non-metal products, which can be stored for a long time and not easily damaged.

In the process of product marking, traditional laser marking machines need to customize simple or complex fixtures for positioning, and will encounter the following problems:

1. Use of precision fixtures: New products require new precision fixtures, which increases the cost and prolongs the production cycle.

2. Simple jig is used: the marking efficiency of manual operation is low, and it will be misaligned if it is slightly inadvertent, which will affect the aesthetics of the product.

  The visual positioning laser marking system can achieve rapid positioning, mark multiple products at one time, and can also perform automatic feeding of the assembly line, and then perform visual positioning marking after rough positioning, saving labor, improving production efficiency, and easy to achieve compatibility with multiple products. Automated production lines save a lot of costs for factories.



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