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What should I pay attention to in the selection of laser cutting machine models?
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What should I pay attention to in the selection of laser cutting machine models?

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  The model of the laser cutting machine of Jinan HANTENCNC Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is usually determined by three points:

  The first is the power, generally from 1000W to 30KW, according to its own processing plate, to confirm the demand.

The following points should be noted:

1. Clarify the difference between limit cutting thickness and mass production thickness;

2, the greater the power of cutting the same thick plate, the faster the speed, the better the cutting surface, the thickness of the air cutting is also increased synchronously, and the same price is more expensive.

3, the laser cutting machine laser power will decline, laser power as high as possible, but do not have to be too high to cause waste.

 The second is the cutting table, this is the best choice, just choose according to the size of their own processing plate, there is nothing too much to pay attention to.

Considerations when choosing a cutting table:

1, their own factory has not enough space;

2, some laser cutting machine is all-inclusive, some are half-packed;

  The third is to choose a single table or a switching platform, the general exchange platform is suitable for the business volume is relatively busy, improve the overall work efficiency of the laser cutting machine, but the disadvantage is that the footprint is relatively large, and the exchange platform is basically a large encirclement of the protective cover, the overall cost is relatively high, if the laser cutting machine is not running for a long time, it is not recommended to choose.

  There are so many problems in the choice of laser cutting machine in terms of model, and the most important thing in choosing a laser cutting machine is the laser, laser head and other related core components; The second is soft power such as after-sales service and manufacturers' reputation; Finally, the model selection considerations, payment methods, etc.



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