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Which Method is Better for Sstainless Steel Pipe Cutting?
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Which Method is Better for Sstainless Steel Pipe Cutting?

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In the metal pipe processing industry, there are many kinds of pipe cutting and processing methods, such as grinding machine cutting, circular saw cutting, automatic machine cutting, pipe laser cutting machine, etc. 

So, which is the best way to cut metal steel pipes?

1. For stainless steel pipes that do not require high incision and are economical, they are generally cut with an ordinary grinder. The disadvantage of this method is that the cutting burr is large.

2. The circular saw has no burrs for cutting, but compared with the automatic cutting machine, it requires a large labor cost, so the price is relatively high, and it is suitable for cutting some stainless steel pipes with longer lengths.

3. The cutting effect of the automatic cutting machine can be comparable to that of the laser pipe cutting machine, and the cost is relatively cost-effective. It basically does not require manpower, but the machine transmission of the size is too long, and the machine transmission delays time, which is suitable for cutting the size of the short.

4. A better way to cut without burr is to use a tube laser cutting machine, but the cost of a tube laser cutting machine is relatively high compared to other methods, and many users who produce small batches cannot accept it.

Therefore, the specific cutting method cannot be said which is absolutely the best. The choice should be made according to the comprehensive requirements of the outer diameter, thickness, cutting length, output and cutting effect of the stainless steel pipe. Weiyang laser pipe cutting machine is aimed at different industries and different users. You can customize pipe cutting equipment more suitable for your needs. For more pipe cutting problems, please consult HanTen Laser Technology Co., Ltd.!



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