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Which Parts of the Laser Marking Machine Need Frequent Maintenance?
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Which Parts of the Laser Marking Machine Need Frequent Maintenance?

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Laser Marking Machine

Why Does the Laser Marking Machine Need Maintenance?

The laser marking machine continues to increase with the use of time, some of which belong to the wearable parts, such parts generally need to be replaced regularly, otherwise the entire machine will not work properly. For example, there is a reflective lens on the marking machine. This lens will cause certain damage as the use time increases. Therefore, this lens must be replaced regularly, otherwise it will affect the use of the marking machine.

A set of laser marking machine equipment is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, so you need to pay attention to it during operation, and usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance of laser machine accessories to increase the service life of the equipment, save costs, and create greater benefits.

How to Maintain the Laser Marking Machine

1. The galvanometer of the laser marking machine does not move, or does not move in one direction, you need to check whether the galvanometer XY status indicator is normal, check whether the galvanometer wiring is loose, check whether the power supply of the galvanometer switch is normal, and check the vibration of the USB board. Whether the output signal of the mirror is normal.

2. Fan cleaning: Long-term use of the fan will accumulate a lot of solid dust in the fan, make the fan a lot of noise, and it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization.

3. The field lens of the laser marking machine needs to be cleaned regularly, because it is outside and there will be dust during marking. If the lens is not cleaned for a long time, there will be a layer of dust on the lens, and it will affect the light quality of the laser marking machine. It may burn the lens.

4. Different brands of laser chillers are different, but if the laser chiller alarms, the laser marking machine cannot be used, because the laser power supply cannot be started under alarm conditions. The laser chiller’s alarms are mainly flow alarms and compression. If there is a high pressure alarm, we should first check whether the chiller of the laser marking machine has water pressure, mainly to check whether the water pressure of the chiller is normal. If there is no flow, then it may be that the water pump of the chiller is broken or the pressure is not enough. On the contrary, the flow switch of the chiller is damaged, and we repair and deal with the failure according to the actual situation.

5. Every time you turn on the machine, check whether there are signs of looseness in the waterway joints and whether there is water leakage. If there is water leakage, quickly press the emergency stop switch for maintenance.



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