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Why UV Laser Marking Machine is becoming more and more popular among the markets?
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Why UV Laser Marking Machine is becoming more and more popular among the markets?

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uv laser marking machineAs the application of ultraviolet lasers is getting closer to our life, it has natural charm in processing technology. With short wavelength, narrow pulse width, fast speed, easy absorption of materials, and high peak value, it has become one of the mainstream lasers in the industry. UV laser technology continues to mature, and the processing technology is widely used and popularized. At present, the mainstream marking materials for UV lasers on the market are plastics, glass, ceramics and metals.

The Working Principle of UV Laser Marking Machine

Ultraviolet laser source and fiber laser source thermal processing are just the opposite. We usually call it "cold" processing. The workpiece is locally irradiated by a high-energy density laser to vaporize the surface material or undergo a photochemical reaction of color change, so as to achieve the desired standard. Engraved effect. Because UV laser marking has no consumables, and the marking effect is fine and beautiful, it has become an irreversible trend to ban the traditional marking process.

Ultraviolet laser marking machines have relatively higher environmental requirements, especially water-cooled lasers, which need to be kept at a constant temperature, so there are higher requirements for accessories. Due to the extremely small focusing spot and the small processing heat affected zone, the ultraviolet laser can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It is the preferred product for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects. In addition to copper materials, UV lasers have a wider range of materials suitable for processing. Not only the beam quality is good, the focused spot is smaller, and ultra-fine marking can be realized; the scope of application is wider; the heat-affected area is extremely small, no thermal effect is generated, and no material scorching problem occurs.

The UV laser marking machine is developed by using a 355nm wavelength UV laser. This model uses a third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology. Compared with infrared lasers, the 355 UV laser has a very small focus spot, which can greatly reduce the mechanical properties of the material. It is deformed and has little effect on processing heat.

Application Areas 

include laser marking and scribing of flexible pcb circuit boards; production and processing of silicon wafer microvias and blind holes; LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code laser marking, surface drilling of glassware, and metal surface treatment coating laser Marking, plastic material function keys, electronic components, business gifts, communication equipment, building decoration materials, sanitary ware, communication equipment, medical equipment and food processing industries. At the same time, it is suitable for ultra-fine high-end production and processing industries, such as skin care cosmetics, medical drugs, food processing and other polymer packaging bottle surface laser marking, the actual effect is refined, the marking is clear and stable, stronger than ink coding and no pollution ; Ultra-refined cold light lettering makes the packaging logo of the new product unique.

Therefore, UV laser marking machines are now particularly favored by all walks of life, and traces of UV laser marking machines can now be seen in various fields.



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