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Why do You Need to Proof the Product Before Laser Marking Machine Processing?
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Why do You Need to Proof the Product Before Laser Marking Machine Processing?

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At present, laser marking machines have processed many products that we use every day. I believe that users who use laser marking machines know that product proofing is carried out before the laser marking machine processes the product, but many users do not know why they need to proof the product.

Proofing the product is because the laser irradiates the surface of the object, the light will absorb the object, and the absorption efficiency of light is different for each object. We all know that objects are composed of molecules, and the molecular structure of each object is different. It is precisely because of the different molecular structures that the effect of the laser when marking the object is different.

In response to this problem, the following Hanteng Laser will explain in detail why it is necessary to proof the product before the laser marking machine is processed?

1. Laser marking machine is a customized product. It can be customized according to customer's requirements. As long as the customer puts forward his technical requirements, we will definitely produce marking machines suitable for customer's products according to customer's requirements. . The reason why the laser marking machine is a customized product is because the marking materials are very different and various, including metal and non-metal, and the types can reach tens of thousands or more. Therefore, laser marking machines designed with different materials have different parameter settings. Advance analysis of materials is very important for laser marking. Because it is beneficial to the computer to set the parameters of the program, it is beneficial to the advance debugging of the whole machine, and it will even affect the structural design of the whole machine. To sum up, the analysis of materials in advance before laser marking is very important for the software and hardware design of the whole machine.

2. The molecular structure of each material is different, and the absorption rate of the laser to the workpiece is different. The resulting effects are also different. If it is said that the same mark is marked, the effect is definitely different when marking on glass and marking on ceramics. From the point of view of materials, there are many kinds of glass materials and many kinds of ceramic materials. Therefore, out of responsibility for customers and corporate reputation, we Hanteng Laser can make samples for customers free of charge.



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