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Why is UV Laser Marking Machine More Expensive?
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Why is UV Laser Marking Machine More Expensive?

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uv laser marking machineBelieve that we are no strangers to laser marking machines! Although many people use optical fiber laser marking machines, some people gradually use UV laser marking machines, but when we use optical fiber marking machines, they will It is much more convenient, and the use time of fiber laser marking machine is relatively longer than UV laser marking machine. But the price of UV marking machine is more expensive, so why is UV laser marking machine more expensive compared with ordinary fiber marking machine? Then I will give you the following editor Explain:

Some of us might think that the structure of the UV laser marking machine and the fiber laser marking machine must be different, so the UV laser marking machine is more expensive. In fact, on the contrary, then what is it that causes the UV laser marking machine to be so expensive?

Although the internal structures of these two machines are similar, the two optical lenses are not universal between the two products. Moreover, the wavelengths of the two marking machines are also different, so the technical difficulty of the two marking machines is not on the same level, so there is no doubt that the price of the UV laser marking machine will be higher.

And because of the characteristics of the UV laser marking machine, its requirements for the environment are relatively strict. Because of the water-cooled laser, this must always be kept at a constant temperature, so there are extremely high requirements for the accessories of the machine. Because the spot focused by the UV laser is relatively small, and the area affected by this heating is relatively small, it can be used for small customer requirements or some relatively uncommon materials. This is for some markings. The products are manufactured by relatively high customers. Moreover, the UV lighter can be applied to a variety of materials. Not only is the quality of the beam better, the focused spot is smaller, and more precise marking is possible.

This is the reason why the price of the UV laser marking machine is so expensive due to the above points, but it also has the advantage of being expensive. It has a much wider range of materials than the fiber laser marking machine, and the marking effect is also better. The fiber laser marking machine needs to be more perfect, and it also has a relatively large advantage for high-demand customers.



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