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Why is the Charger Laser Marking Machine Popular?
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Why is the Charger Laser Marking Machine Popular?

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine (4)Does anyone know how the logo text pattern of the charger is marked? The tool used is the charger laser marking machine. With the advent of the electronic age, the charger laser marking machine has become more and more widely used. Next, Hanteng Laser will introduce the reasons for its popularity. Interested friends can take a look.

Reason 1

Chargers are common things in our lives, especially for mobile phones and computers, and we use them almost every day. The common material for chargers is plastic. Why are the traces left by some chargers durable, and people have a beautiful feeling after reading it, and they will not be as rough as printing or ordinary engraving. This is because the application of the charger laser marking machine to laser mark the logo text pattern can improve the grade and image of the product, and achieve a beautiful and practical effect.

Reason 2

Features of charger laser marking machine: high photoelectric conversion efficiency, power saving; small size and small footprint. No chiller required, completely air-cooled. Long life, no consumables, maintenance-free. Very high repetition rate, fast marking speed. Very high optical quality for fine marking.

Reason 3

Chargers are widely used in various fields, especially in the field of life, they are widely used in mobile phones, computers, cameras and other common electrical appliances. In recent years, the electronics industry has developed rapidly, especially the mobile phone industry and the computer industry, and chargers are necessary for mobile phones and computers, so the market has a great demand for chargers. However, charger manufacturers need to put their own marks on them in the future to effectively prevent counterfeiting and cross-regional flow of chargers. In general, the international trend of charger laser marking is getting stronger and stronger. More and more charger manufacturers are starting to use laser marking machines. 



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