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Why the Price of Laser Marking Machine Varies a Lot?
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Why the Price of Laser Marking Machine Varies a Lot?

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laser machineWith the increase of the laser marking processing market, the demand for laser marking machines is also increasing day by day, and marking machine manufacturers are emerging in endlessly, and the prices of laser marking machines vary widely. 

What are the influences? HANTEN CNC will share with you.

1. Different prices caused by production process and technical level

Due to the different needs of the domestic and foreign markets, their production process and technical level are different in the production process of laser marking machines, which is the main reason for the price difference between major manufacturers.

2. The quality of the configuration affects the price

The price of different configuration is definitely different, and the price is also priced according to the difference in configuration. A well-configured laser device can bring obvious advantages to the laser marking machine. A good laser device does not require strict azimuth matching like crystal skills for the light source that is taken in, and can absorb the photoelectric uniformly and automatically; the use of laser is also correct The overall power consumption has been reduced, so lower heat generation and loss and low-energy heat will not damage anything; the output energy can be divided into more energy, and the addition can be harmonious, and multi-beam The harmonious gathering of work; the requirements for the environment are getting lower and lower, and the tolerance for dust and temperature can be used in a variety of environments;

3. Different models affect the price

Before buying a laser marking machine, you must first determine the material, material, type, and type of the product that needs to be marked, and whether it needs to meet the production method of the assembly line. Through these points, we can judge which kind of marking machine the enterprise needs, so that analysis and selection can reduce unnecessary costs and improve the efficiency of production work. Common laser marking machines can be divided into: carbon dioxide laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and many other different models. Different models, different configurations, and their prices are also different.



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