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Wide Application of Fiber Cutting Head in Elevator Industry
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Wide Application of Fiber Cutting Head in Elevator Industry

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laser cutting machineAs we all know, the materials commonly used in elevators are stainless steel plates and membrane materials. These materials require high smoothness. There are many kinds of sheet metal parts in the elevator market, and some even need to be customized according to customer requirements. Tonnage and molds are also limited. The multi-station punching machine sometimes cannot meet the processing requirements, and sometimes the mold manufacturing cycle is longer, which makes the production cycle longer. Therefore, it is gradually replaced by fiber laser cutting machine.

What is the difference between traditional elevator processing methods and fiber laser technology? How to break through fiber laser cutting in the elevator market?

1. Traditional processing methods

In the past, the whole machine factory mainly used multi-station punching machines to process plates, mainly including turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding and other processing procedures. They mainly rely on external mechanical forces and harder tools to complete the peeling process of the excess metal layer. The scheme is complicated, the workpiece is easy to replace, and consumes a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

2. CO2 laser processing method

The CO2 laser cutting machine is the first laser processing equipment in the domestic elevator industry. Non-mechanical energy, such as light, electricity, and chemistry, is used to complete the material peeling process. Materials with lower hardness can be used to process high hardness materials. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser processing has unique advantages such as non-contact, easy processing, safety and environmental protection.

3. Fiber laser head cutting machine occupies the elevator market

The elevator manufacturing is mainly about 3mm stainless steel, and the CO2 laser cutting machine has high power consumption and large gas consumption. CO2 laser cutting machine has high cost and complicated debugging, which cannot keep up with the development of elevator industry. The new fiber laser head cutting machine has the advantages of extremely fast speed, extremely low operating cost, cutting high reflective materials such as copper and aluminum, and no external optical path. It gradually replaces the CO2 laser head cutting machine as the tool of choice. Elevator processing industry.

There are many stainless steel plates and films in the elevator industry, which require a highly smooth cross section. Compared with traditional CNC punching machines, laser head cutting has the advantages of high surface finish and no trimming. No mold loss and other advantages. The fiber laser head cutting machine can also cut thinner and smaller sharp corners, effectively avoiding the deformation of the workpiece during the punching process, and improving the core competitiveness of the product. The cutting precision is higher and the processing speed is faster.

So, what are the benefits of laser cutting machine for elevator processing?

1. Short processing cycle

There are many small sheet metal parts in the elevator industry, many of which need to be determined according to customer requirements. Due to the limitations of tonnage and molds, the processing of multi-station punches cannot handle some sheet metal parts or molds with long manufacturing cycles, resulting in long production cycles, relatively complex programming, and higher requirements for operators. Therefore, the advantages of flexible processing of the fiber laser cutting machine are brought into play, and product development costs are reduced.

2. Good cutting effect

Many stainless steel decorative panels have high surface finish requirements. The processed lines should be smooth and beautiful. Multi-station punching easily affects the smoothness of the board surface. The laser head processing device has no mechanical stress, avoids the deformation in the cutting process, improves the quality of the elevator, improves the product grade, and improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

3. High processing flexibility

With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the fancyness of products has also increased, and the appearance of products has increased, but the number is not large, and the outline is complex, which cannot be realized by general processing methods. Laser head cutting has high automation and intelligence. Various special-shaped workpieces can be processed, effectively reducing the labor intensity of the operators and optimizing the production process. 



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