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Wide Application of Laser Cleaning In Various Fields
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Wide Application of Laser Cleaning In Various Fields

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1. Mold cleaning.

The invention can realize the non-contact cleaning of the mold, is very safe for the surface of the mold, can ensure the accuracy, can clean the sub-micron dirt particles that cannot be removed by the traditional cleaning method, and realizes truly pollution-free, efficient and high-quality cleaning.

Precision disinfection and cleaning in the precision instrument industry. The precision machinery industry often requires chemical removal of esters and mineral oils used for lubricating and corrosion-resistant parts, and chemical cleaning often leaves residues. Laser degreasing can completely remove esters and mineral oils without damaging the surface of the part. The laser promotes the explosive gasification of the thin oxide layer on the surface of the part, creating a shock wave that removes dirt, rather than mechanically.

2. Clean the rails.

At present, the cleaning before rail welding adopts grinding wheel and abrasive belt grinding type cleaning. The substrate is seriously damaged and the residual stress is serious. In addition, a large number of grinding wheel consumables are consumed every year, resulting in high cost and serious dust pollution to the environment. Laser cleaning can provide high-quality, high-efficiency green cleaning technology for my country's high-speed railway track laying production, solve the above problems, eliminate welding defects such as seamless rail holes and gray spots, and improve the stability and safety of my country's high-speed railway operations.

3. Aviation.

After a period of time, the surface of the aircraft needs to be repainted, but before painting, the original old paint needs to be completely removed. Chemical soak/wipe is the dominant paint removal method in the aerospace field. This method creates a large amount of chemical auxiliary waste and does not allow for topical maintenance and paint removal. This process is labor-intensive and harmful to health. Laser cleaning can achieve high-quality paint removal from aircraft skin surfaces and is easy to automate production. At present, this technology has been applied to the maintenance of some high-end models abroad.

4. Ship field.

At present, the prenatal cleaning of ships is mainly carried out by sandblasting, which has caused serious dust pollution to the surrounding environment, and has been gradually banned, resulting in production reduction or even suspension of ship production enterprises. Laser cleaning technology will provide a green and pollution-free cleaning solution for ship surface anti-corrosion spraying.

5. Military industry.

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon repair. Using the laser cleaning system, rust and contaminants can be removed efficiently and quickly, the cleaning location can be selected, and cleaning automation can be realized. Using laser cleaning not only has higher cleanliness than chemical cleaning processes, but also has little damage to the surface of the object.

Many of the above fields belong to the pillar industries of the national economy, and the economic and social benefits generated by laser cleaning technology are very considerable. Using the existing laser technology conditions in our country, it is entirely possible to develop matching laser cleaning equipment and realize practicality and industrialization in a short time, which is also of great significance to promoting the development of high-tech industries.



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